Banner printing, wood, balloon. Size 1.5х2м. Presented at the exhibition “Heroism of the vision. Inside/outside”, Modern Art Research Institute of the National Academy of Arts of Ukraine, Kyiv, Ukraine.

I had a dream where I left the house I had been cooped up in for too long and found myself in a vast field with only grass, a blue sky, and an endless horizon. It was a foggy morning and I could feel dew on my skin as I walked, the bottom of my dress wet from the damp grass. Despite it being late autumn, I didn’t feel cold. I was walking alone, unsure of where I was going or why, but knowing that my path led me to this field. The strange sadness in my heart was both weightless and heavy at the same time. I was curious to see what lay beyond the horizon.

This installation is an attempt to recreate the sense of uncertainty and introspection that I experienced in my dream. It poses the obsessive questions that lingered in my mind upon waking: what is happening now? Where am I? Where should I be? Where should I go? What do I need to do today and tomorrow? In my dream, I felt like a balloon tethered to the ground by a thin string, ready to be released and drift away with the wind at any moment.