Installation with sound. Mixed media. Presented at the exhibition Media dependency. Ukrainian version”, Ukrainian House, Kyiv, Ukraine.

This art installation aims to capture the essence of city life through the use of allegorical symbols inspired by wasp colonies. It consists of elongated cardboard structures meant to represent high-rise buildings, as well as a mix of voices, road sounds, and wasp humming. The structures are held together by metal chains, evoking the materials commonly found in cities, and the overall construction gives a feeling of instability.

Visitors are invited to walk through the installation as if they are walking down a city street, immersed in the cacophony of sounds.

To create the artwork, I soaked cardboard in hot water and molded it into shape with glue. The sounds were recorded at public events.

After being displayed at the Ukrainian House, the installation was packed and transported to storage, where it was eventually taken over by real wasps. After numerous unsuccessful attempts to get rid of them, the artwork was destroyed.