Crime of Passion


Collaboration with Dieter Prössler. Series of abstract artworks. Mixed media. Metal, glass, acrylic, red LED light.

This series of mixed media artworks is a tribute to Sanaz Sadeh, a talented sommelier and incredible woman who has inspired me with her passion for life and wine.

The pieces are created by layering broken glass on top of metal canvas with acrylic red paint, which creates a unique abstract pattern as the paint dries under pressure. The second layer of glass is then secured with glue, and the finished artwork is mounted on the wall using screws that are incorporated into the design. Some of the pieces in the series are illuminated from behind with a LED ribbon, creating a red halo effect, while others are highlighted with red spotlights directed at their surfaces.

The artworks in this series capture Sanaz’s strength and fragility, and pay homage to her enduring spirit.