Pigeon Post


Mixed media (diameter 55mm and 400mm length). The artwork is presented under the Kosmos PigeonPost-MailArtProject, Lommel, Belgium.

In today’s world, we rely on package delivery for so many things – shopping, sending gifts to friends, receiving documents, and more. But we rarely stop to consider the package itself, focusing instead on what is inside. This art project seeks to change that, turning the humble postal tube into a work of art.

As part of the project, the artwork was shipped through the postal system, giving us an opportunity to observe how it is handled and how many hands and machines it passes through.

The postal tube becomes a symbol of a white pigeon, delivering a message from me to my friends in the Kosmos art group. The surface of the tube is adorned with handprints, representing the distant handshake that I wish I could give them in person but can’t due to COVID-19.

Greetings are handwritten in Ukrainian, my native language, English, and Dutch, the native language of Flemish Belgium, translated with the help of my boyfriend. The handwritten messages evoke the feeling of the handwritten letters I used to send to friends as a child.