Collage, graphic. Presented at the art festival [STARTUP] GogolFest, Mariupol, Ukraine.

July 27, 2014.

– Hello! Anna, hello! Anna, we’re being bombed! The city is being bombed! Anna… there are dead bodies lying on the ground! So many dead bodies! Anna! There’s broken glass everywhere! Anna! It’s so scary! I’m on the square, in a corner next to a building… I’m hiding… next to the wall… Anna! I don’t know where grandma is… Anna! I love you…

– Mom, I’ll call you back. Yesterday we were up late again finishing a work project. I’m sleeping… WHAT???? WHAT did you say?? MOM!!!!

The connection was lost…

That was the beginning. Three endless days and nights.

I don’t want to describe the details of those events, I just want to say THANK YOU! to the people who were there for us with help and support. Thanks to them, after three days, I was able to hug my parents again.

This artwork is a memory of the events that changed our lives forever.

The series of collages is made of newspapers from different parts of Ukraine, which all covered the same events but told completely different stories.