Boobs Power


Photo series. Print on plastic. 12 photos, size of each is 0.7х1.2м each. Photographer: Karina Sofit. Presented at the exhibition “Flash of the Day”, Zenko Foundation, Tatariv, Ukraine.

Many women have experienced arrogant or even harassing behavior from men, and all too often, their achievements and personal qualities are dismissed because of their gender. Despite the progress of feminism and human rights, society has yet to fully protect women from such experiences. It is as if the female body has a disturbing effect on some men’s minds.

This artwork is a series of photographs featuring a woman wearing white T-shirts printed with the portraits of famous men whose reputations have been tarnished by sex scandals. The fabric stretches over the female form, distorting the men’s faces and giving them an unsettling or humorous appearance.